YELP ELITE member caught being corrupt and supporting hate

Just recently on November 19 2016 we caught another “Yelp Elite” in corruption and even supporting a criminal and racist.

YELP choose a “Jasmine “What the hell..” to be an ELITE member.  That is her name “Jasmine “What the hell..”.  And here is her profile picture


However.  The YELP ELITE MEMBER, chosen by Yelp to be an “Elite Member” turned a blind eye when she found out one of Yelps paying customer is stalking and harassing a Homeless Rights Advocates.  Not only that.  What is worse, this “Yelp Elite Member” turned a blind eye when she found out that the criminal who is harassing a Homeless Advocate has a picture of a dog for a profile and is using a FAKE Yelp account to harass and troll.  The Yelp Elite member had no problem with this profile, who is really Barrett Jones from 49th Parallel Cafe.

barret jones

That’s right folks, the “the Yelp Elite member” had no problem with this profile.  BUT IT GETS MUCH MUCH WORSE.

The “Yelp Elite Member” who is called “Jasmine, what the hell” not only didn’t have a problem with this fake profile BUT, BUT,  when the fake profile harassed a homeless rights advocate the “Elite Yelp Member” turned a blind eye.  Only a psychotic attacks a homeless rights advocate, but the “Yelp Elite” member took the side of the psychotic.

So just as you have read in all the past posts the Yelp corruption, AND WILL READ in future posts, the many corrupt and malicious acts that Yelp continues to commit, we must go public and warn consumers and business to avoid Yelp, plus, expose them.