Yelp Complaints

Please watch this video: It summaries Yelp.  You will see a poor business owner Louis gets fake negative review after declining advertising. it’s 30 minutes but worth it.

There are 1000′s of good citizens who have been bullied and troubled by Yelp clowns. As such. We have decided to say enough is enough. Please join good citizens and use the resources below to deal with the arrogant bullies at Yelp.

Better Business Bureau Complaint on Yelp

Federal Trade Commission

Attorney General of California Consumer Complaints

You can also warn the public against Yelp when you post on your Yelp community pages  Such as

By the way. Did you know A Freedom of Information act request filed with the FTC has resulted in the release of OVER 1000 complaints against Yelp over the past four years

And just recently:

Yelp accused of bullying businesses into paying for better reviews Some companies say positive reviews get buried, then they’re approached to buy ad


Yelp  was ordered to pay a $450,000 civil penalty with a permanent restraining order [CLICK]


Below are the most recent complaints


438 thoughts on “Yelp Complaints”

  1. Who actually goes to yelp anyway? I have a small repair shop that has 23 5 star reviews on google with zero less-than 5 star reviews. All are authentic. There are other (all-five star) reviews of my service on other sites also, including manta, thumbtack, and some other sites. Yelp also has 4 5-star reviews for me but hide them even though they are authentic. Nothing about me is fraudulent. However yelp appears to be holding the reviews of me hostage, I also notice that there’s no way to really contact this entity to question as to why the reviews are held hostage. One can’t help but to notice the manner in which yelp almost forces a visitor to “join” and “invest” in yelp. I for one do not condone or finance extortion, manipulation, and dishonest practices. When a customer tells me they are so happy about the work I’ve done for them, I literally have to request that they not bother to leave a review on yelp. Yelp is racketeering in my opinion. What has yelp offered to the internet community anyway? Good riddance when they go under. amen.

    1. They did the same to me and even told me that they could hide the bad reviews and show my 5 star reviews, if I would pay them several hundred a month for a “Membership”. So I created a website: in response. If even one company does not advertise with Yelp, then it was worth the cost.

      1. I also had the same experience, the problem is that Yelp in association with DexMedia, had been promising to get you on top of the listing, bring more reviews for you business as long as you sign their two year contracts. Once you sign them and nobody comes, you are trap with their conditions. The first time I was with them I tried to talk to the manager of my account for two solid months I was never able to conect with him. Left messages and still no response. then finally I got to talk to them trying to cancel my contract and I was still penalize to pay for three more months!! No customers, no money to invest in other advertising (they are not cheap) no customer service with Yelp/DexMedia advertising company and on top of it becasue I refused to go back to them they took all my customers (honest reviews every single one of them) and said that they are not real????

    2. If you think about it, the core of Yelp’s business is providing information. That is where everyone should focus. You can hire an attorney to ask a Supreme Court in the state where your business is located for an order to remove your business page from Yelp and to where they will need the written permission of your business to make or display a page for your business. This is a no contest situation because you have a right to your business and where it is displayed. You can also ask the court to do this yourself. If Yelp cannot display your business page, they can no longer adversely affect your business. This is the key to stopping Yelp.

      1. Hello,

        I’ve come up with a way to help combat yelp extortionist. If we spread the word we can make a difference to expose them for what they are doing to hard working business owners. Please see our website and spread the word. The more involved, the more likely we can make a difference.

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