Yelp Complaints

Please watch this video: It summaries Yelp.  You will see a poor business owner Louis gets fake negative review after declining advertising. it’s 30 minutes but worth it.

There are 1000′s of good citizens who have been bullied and troubled by Yelp clowns. As such. We have decided to say enough is enough. Please join good citizens and use the resources below to deal with the arrogant bullies at Yelp.

Better Business Bureau Complaint on Yelp

Federal Trade Commission

Attorney General of California Consumer Complaints

You can also warn the public against Yelp when you post on your Yelp community pages  Such as

By the way. Did you know A Freedom of Information act request filed with the FTC has resulted in the release of OVER 1000 complaints against Yelp over the past four years

And just recently:

Yelp accused of bullying businesses into paying for better reviews Some companies say positive reviews get buried, then they’re approached to buy ad


Yelp  was ordered to pay a $450,000 civil penalty with a permanent restraining order [CLICK]


Below are the most recent complaints

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  1. I am the office manager for a small private dental practice. When I became office manager, I noticed that our yelp page was hurting. We haven’t checked it out in a while, so we had no idea. Once I noticed that, I made sure the two negative reviews that were on there were replied to and handled outside of yelp. I made sure our office was nothing like those reviews. Slowly we started getting people coming in saying that they left us a positive review on yelp. IT WAS WORKING!! Then I went back and checked… the positive reviews had been removed. I was curious as to why they had been removed, so I made sure to call yelp and see why this happening. They explained to me that it was an algorithm that automatically takes out reviews they find to be fake or biased. I thought “ok, well that sucks.. but there is nothing I can do about it.” I continued to check our reviews periodically. Our rating was slowly going up since more and more people were leaving positive reviews that ACTUALLY STAYED. That’s when I started to receive phone calls from yelp wanting me to advertise with them. After debating it, we decided that we wanted to spend our funds somewhere else. Our page was starting go back up, so we didn’t think we needed yelps help for that. After we declined the advertising, ALL OF OUR POSITIVE REVIEWS HAD BEEN REMOVED. Every single one of them. The only reviews on there were from 2016. So, I called yelp again to explain to them why we wouldn’t be giving them any of our business. The representative explained to me that if someone leaves a review and doesn’t leave reviews for a long time, yelp takes the reviews off. So, I checked the pages of the people of the negative reviews. I found they haven’t posted a review SINCE 2016!! So why are their reviews still showing up but the posts from 2018-2019 are not?!!?

    There HAS to be something going within yelp. This is very shady and not fair to small business. Whatever algorithm they are using needs to be checked. I will never use yelp again.

  2. When I opened my business a little over a year ago, I was so excited to get our Yelp page going. I use yelp almost everyday and I used to love the site/app.

    Unfortunately I’ve been so disappointed in my business with Yelp.
    We were so excited to see review coming in from clients, we ended up with 4, 5 star, review from our appreciative clients! But guess what…. Yelp removed them from our page because theses users “don’t use yelp enough.” Im so upset because new clients as well as other affiliates in our industry noticed our great rating on yelp, I know for a fact those client reviews got our company inquiries about jobs.

    Speaking about getting our company jobs I paid for one months advertising, roughly $300, and got two phone calls out of it… bummer but no biggie. I end my subscription, and at the end of that month I find I paid and other $300 for only TEN days and NO phone calls because “thats how many clicks and traffic was generated to you page.” Says the Yelp representative. How? That makes 0 since, and I will never pay for their advertising again, its obviously a scam.

    Also is it just a coincidence the reviews were removed AFTER I canceled out advertising…?

    1. It is terrible business practice!!
      I had 95 established reviews showing. They removed 35!!!!! Over a 3 week span.
      I earned those reviews, it took me a long time to get such a great page. They were calling me everyday re: advertising, I’m not in the position, as I am just a one man show . They told me it is their algorithm?? Guess what, it doesn’t seem to be working!!!

    2. I don’t believe it’s coincidence. The same thing happened to my business. I had 4.5 star reviews and suddenly out of the 15 reviews only three were upfront two negative and one positive the other 12 positive we’re in the back and not advised for readers. This was directly after I had refused to advertise with them. I don’t mind peoples honest opinion and if they didn’t like my business that’s fine but when 13 out of 15 like my business and I drop down to 3.5 stars because of the “algorithm” I know it’s BS. Then I start getting more calls from them to advertise since I only have 3.5 stars! Right.

    3. Yelp removed 99.9 % of my business reviews in 3 weeks after I stopped paying them for advertising… we are planning to sue them. Yelp is a mafia.

      1. I felt the same way too! Until they removed 35!!! Of my established 5 star reviews in 3 weeks.
        I’m livid, it took me a long time to get my page so great, I earned those reviews!
        I’m now trying to establish reviews on Google, I believe that Google will replace Yelp and make it obsolete 🙏😊👊

      2. Thanks! On the Google Play store and already in UK, Australia, and Canada with the rest of Europe adding in the next two weeks. 5… long… years LOL. We’ve hated Yelp a long time.

  3. We can stop Yelp, here’s how : Every business owner who feels victimized by yelp, place an “Anti-yelp” logo on their website. You can save ( this picture as an example) to your computer
    So upload some anti-yelp logo and display it on your own website. It will continue to snowball, and as more customers see it, their trust in Yelp Reviews integrity will waver. Imagine if 100,000 business’s had this on their websites!

    1. I’m also a small business owner who has been hurt by Yelp. I have been told by multiple customers they have left me positive reviews. On my page on Yelp it only shows negative reviews that are put there by competitors. They are not real reviews. The real reviews are not even shown or rated!! I think we really need to do something. My business that I put my heart and soul into is being destroyed by Yelp. I would like give all the businesses on who have been unfairly “rated” on Yelp a 5 star review. I think all if us business owner need to start a review list and review each other. I’m willing to try. If the review don’t get posted at least maybe it will crash there site. Send me a comment and I’ll happily give you a review you deserve.

      1. We feel the same way. How can we be part of this? We have had many positive reviews, but the negative one are majority showing. We’ve recently reported to Yelp a few concocted stories from people who we have never served.

      2. Hi,i also have a yelp business account,i live in chicago il.
        Did you sue yelp for destroying your business?
        Yelp ruined my business as well .
        I am a paying customer for their ads actually.
        But more than 20 reviews got deleted for no reason at all.
        I’m so furious right now.

      3. I too have had a lot of problems with Yelp currently have 44 non recommended five star reviews the only ones that show on the front or three false reports it’s very frustrating any help would be appreciated thank you for taking the time to read my email

      4. Agreed I worked long and hard to keep customers happy and to garner good reviews all of my good reviews off of avid yelper’s have been removed or sent to their “quarantine” area whatever the hell it is and this has most definitely affected my business….

    2. What’s the name and location of your business I’ll leave you a 5 star review Yelp is unfairly filtering reviews they have done the same to me and my business. It’s time we help each other.

      1. They have removed 10 of my established reviews in the last week! They call me up every week to advertise with them, but I don’t.

  4. Well to no surprise Yelp have blocked my account so I can’t even change any details or my photo on my account that is connected to our construction company. Details of what Yelp has done are found here;

    Yelp were contacted as this review is fake and is affecting our “Search engine” google exposure. When you type “Cemento Group” Yelp is throwing everything bar the kitchen sink at it to keep this “One and only review” up online and WILL NOT take it down even though I have responded to the fake review. It has affected our enquiry process as we do not receive any enquiries. I even went through the trouble of creating a new company website, though this did not work at all. to Yelp basically have contravened all Australian rights and rules and are in contravention of the privacy act as they are advertising my photo online without consent.

    Its a horrible way to be treated.

    Paul from Sydney Australia.

    1. They have done the same to us. They also bury every new 5 star reviews and 8 year old one star reviews are at the top of the list. (Groupon customers that we refused to fly and refunded over pushing the limitations of an offer)

      They have buried dozens of of five star reviews.

      1. I wish! I am a new business. I had 24 5 star reviews. They contacted me to advertise which I declined then it started. Suddenly some of my reviews got pulled onto the unrecommended page. I called to speak with my account rep who was entirely unhelpful to the point where there were long silences in the conversation. I told him that I didn’t feel we were communicating effectively. Since then every single review has been pulled except for 1. Do we have a leg to stand on!?! It’s happened to so many people/businesses. I asked them how to rectify and yelp said “Advertise with us” and “just get more reviews”. Can a class action be brought even though the excused is ‘the algorithm”??

      2. See my original comment. Since they have pulled my reviews my business has suffered a great deal. When all the reviews were up I was getting many new clients during that 2-3 week period. Now – nothing!! Class action anyone? I’m in San Francisco?

      3. Many lawsuits have been filed in the federal
        9th circuit district court ( West coast)
        however the court always rules in Yelps favor.
        Don’t waste money on Attorneys.

    2. It’s that old adage “power corrupts”. Yelp started out as a great tool and is now a terrible weapon not even by the consumers particularly but via yelp itself. I’m sorry to hear this happened to you. I know they damaged my business too.

  5. We are having the same problem with our Leather Repair business. We had around 30 5 star reviews which have all disappeared and only the one bad review we’ve gotten remains! Yelp will do nothing to rectify this inaccurate representation of our business. Can anything be done?

      1. how do I join this lawsuit, we proved to Yelp 100% several false reviews from the same person on an account created just to put false reviews. This person even copied and put the exact same review on 2 other business (same franchise) Yelp is runs like the mafia, pay us or be punished.

      2. Exactly! It’s simply extortion and they’re getting away with it by stating it’s their algorithm. Well guess what? Algorithms don’t create themselves. They’re created by the company using the algorithm.

      1. Anyone know how to get this
        Federal Trade Commission Document
        to appear online on Google and Bing and Wikipedia

    1. I can definatly understand your issue i have like 13 or 14 review’s and 38 5 strar review’s that are not reccomended but I have 3 totally fake review’s that are still on my recommended review’s very frustrating to say the very Least they call me non stop all day everyday I have Blocked there number and they still keep calling me I really have no clue as to how it even strarted I think 1 of my I of my Client’set a review and it was all down Hill from there ! They have been like giving a bone a dog that just can’t chew at all it’s very confusing for people looking for an experencenced Groomer who can’t tell the difference between the Great and not so Great I’ve been Grooming all Kinds of Pet’s for close to 40 yrs. Or so? From cat’s to any kinda pet you might Own as far as Skunk’s to Parrot wing’s to hairless Rat’s.Ha Ha Lol!👍💖!

  6. Yelp blames their ‘algorithms’ for leaving a 1 star review from a 1 time reviewer as if an algorithm is AI intelligent or organic when Yelp CREATES the algorithm. Yelp needs to stop ruining small business across the USA by allowing bad reviews and using the bad reviews as leverage to convince the same small business to start the spending for advertising in which they provide nothing without customer service on paid advertising. It’s all a scam. Yelp also have 1 star reviews on their own review system and then they have their ‘elite members’ try and bury them by writing reviews on themselves telling how wonderful they are. My last one star review came on July 4th at 2AM from a nonexistent customer who made nothing but false claims and on July 5th, I received an email from Yelp asking if I ‘needed anything’ from them. I would not be surprised if the next step is Yelp actually posting bad reviews next. It’s that bad and somehow they’re allowed to get away with this. It’s nothing less than extortion and they’re laughing all the way to the bank. There is nothing wrong with a genuine bad review but allowing fake reviews and competitor reviews to post fake ones they should be held liable.

  7. I am having the same issue with my restaurant. Can anyone help. We are getting tons of reviews from competitors and fake customers which drive our ratings down. they have hidden 30 or so reviews from legitimate customers (5 stars) and out of nowhere appear 1 star ratings for customers who we have never seen or heard in our restaurant. All other review sites are fine with ratings, just yelp we are not able to do anything about it. Please class action lawsuit. What do we do? concerned bussiness owner who puts his heart out to make the bussiness succeed and take care of all employees.

    1. I am having the same problem!!!! they removed 90 5 star reviews. This is absurd! I am hoping there is something that can be done about this.

    2. The words can not describe my frastration with this clowns . I received total of 12 reviews out of which 2 negative from same household memebers just comaimining yhat I refused to do additional work for free . The rest of my reviews are positive .
      Yelp placed the positive reviews on and my rating went up . Then suddenly removed a few positive reviews claiming their system fkagged them as Not recomended but they are still on my site .
      I called them every day to complain and they simply told me that I am spinning my wheels for nothing and they are not able to change anything . Then they continued removing my good reviews every week leaving me with bleeding rating . I lost a $20,000 project after customer complained that my reviews are poor . Finaly today I woke up with only 3 reviews . Out of which 2 negative and only 1 positive .
      I am devestated and feel like taking legal actions against this people . Can anyone sugest what to do ??

    3. Hello, my name is Omar and I just learned that my wife’s friend, who owns a restaurant in San Diego CA, is now a victim of Yelp as well. She had just opened up her restaurant earlier this month, and at first was getting great reviews. My wife was tasked with creating a website for the restaurant and all of the advertising. She first set up an account with Yelp, didn’t want to pay for advertising just yet. A Yelp rep tried to call her and she ignored their calls. After their attempts to make contact with my wife failed, the reviews for the restaurant were then all of a sudden “shifted” into the “do not recommend” column. Only one review, which was only a one star review, was left. Clearly Yelp did something with the reviews. My wife is a very knowledgeable “IT” kind of person. She believes that Yelp has manipulated their review platform to include a “query” that is ran to see if a particular business is advertising with them, thus tagging the business. If not, then the “default” feature would kick in as soon as someone enters a review of a business that’s positive, it would default automatically, sending the review/rating to the “Do Not Recommend” area. They can enact this feature at the drop of a dime, making it very hard to prove the “How and Why” these reviews keep ending up negative or “Do Not Recommend” against the business. This makes total sense and is a likely reason why Yelp can hide behind this and get away with cyber extortion/cyber bullying. It would take a forensic computer analyst from the FBI to check into this, with a court order or warrant. If they find that this is the case, they could proceed with a criminal indictment against Yelp executives. Cyber extortion, conspiracy to commit extortion, cyber bullying and violations of the commerce clause can finally be addressed under the criminal statutes, since as of right now you cant get these Yelp bastards in a civil case.

  8. I contacted Yelp and asked why only negative posts were there and for the wrong business one that is very similar to mine and 10 5 star reviews were not posted for me the right company and when they talked to me they said I can get a paid advertising ad and they would then tell me how to remove them. This is Bullcrap!!!

  9. Class action suit. Can we as business owners file a class action suit against Yelp? Their salespeople call on a regular basis trying to bully you into paying for their services. The reviews on my account are horrible, I can not respond and a few of them are bogus. The services that have been written as a complaint we have never provided. We are a specialty salon only providing specialty services but the reviews are complaining about services we do not provide. I am pissed and I have made it clear to Yelp I will never pay you to help improve our ratings because they are bogus. We have to do something about this!

    1. Please respond with any way to stop Yelp! I will gladly join any all class action suits against Yelp or Yelp Inc.

      San Francisco we have a major problem with a company that has absolutely extorted a family member along with myself.

      Fake bad reviews stay and good ones disappear with no rhym or reason. I am a small business owner in Texas who not stop until they pay what they owe the American business they intentionally try to ruin daily.

      I canceled their trash service and all of a sudden bad reviews show and good ones have disappeared.

      Fraudulent charges have been incurred on cards not belonging to the business because they said it’s a test “GHOST CHARGE”. It’s not beware!

      YELP INC. Will try to bury anyone who cancels their service.

  10. Hey guys.
    I own and operate the Randy Richards Salon in Dallas, Texas.
    Check out my YELP! Scorecard~
    1 -1 STAR REVIEW-(And the client’s complaint goes against Yelp’s TOS, as we were discussing Religion and she didn’t like what I had to say. Under Yelp’s TOS, you can’t ‘complain’ against someone’s beliefs. But they’ve kept it up 4 years anyway)




    I work very hard at my business, and Yelp is putting a hurt on it because I wouldn’t advertise with them.
    Can somebody figure something out that can be done?
    Can’t someone file a class action suit, or several?

    I’m in, if anybody has anything cooking.
    In the meantime, I shall continue to watch Yelp’s stock price plummet.
    Soon, you will be gone Yelp, while all of the little Mom and Pop stores you tried to destroy will still be in business.



    Randy Richards
    Hair Poet
    Randy Richards Salon

    1. They did the same thing to me but we all need to leave a number and collaborate and do a class action lawsuit there’s thousands of us out here maybe millions. There’s $1 billion bully same experience I had 16 good reviews didn’t advertise now they’re not posting any good reviews and filtering on my bad ones and they aren’t even my customers


      1. None of the bad reviews with my customers all the good ones on my real customers extortion, libel, defamation

      2. Same thing with my doctor in my account and he’s closing his office and is very sick she had to change the business name

    2. Blackberry Class Action Lawsuit –

      BlackBerry arranged to transfer over 300 employees across Canada to a business partner. Only after employees accepted employment with the business partner, BlackBerry informed the employees that they had resigned their employment. Blackberry provided resignation letters for the employees to sign and dictated their last date of employment. Blackberry stated that the transfer is not a sale of business, meaning the employees will lose all of their years of service.

    3. The same exact thing has happened to our company. We are a plastic surgery office. Unfortunately, some people actually check ratings and read reviews when searching for a plastic surgeon to perform cosmetic procedures. All of our 5 star ratings have been buried as “Not Recommended”. The only review showing is a one star review. We have been in practice for 20 years with very happy patients. Yelp claims their “algorithm”. We refuse to advertise with them. It is unfortunate that they are allowed to treat businesses in this manner. Please contact us if any of you know of a class action suit against Yelp for their unethical practices and extortion.

      1. You know I have never seen anything like this before in my life, I probably have 5000 or more yelp customers with same problem on my emails that I have saved since I posted my problem it’s time to do something about this

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      2. Well I have about 5000 people that are going through the same thing I have attorneys in my family I’m presently working on it keep you informed ASAP

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      3. I am yet another victim of Yelp. All of my 5 star reviews are hid while only the one 1 star review from 2 years ago is shown. They blamed it on “only reviewers who use yelp are displayed”. Yet the 1 star review is from a person whose only review is on me. While I have 5 star reviews from people who have reviewed many other people. Class action law suit? I’m in.

    4. Randy,

      Are you interested in filing a class action suit in Texas to follow the California case that’s been filed?

      I am also a DFW business owner and the exact has happened to me and other business owners in DFW who are ready to stop taking the abuse.

      Please respond to this email and we can discuss further.

  11. I cannot believe how many small business owners have been defamed and cheated by yelp, its is sickening and completely amoral how this is allowed to continue.

    Similar to the hundreds of cases outlined here after refusing to return advertising emails and calls all of my positive reviews 18 of 20 were filtered out. I was told that because the user only had one review they were not credible so the algorithm removed them from my ranking. What’s interesting is that they kept the negative review that also only had one review and was under a name that has never engaged in a transaction with us. Despite having 21 reviews 20 positive and one negative only 3 show two positive and one negative. I will check back often and if anyone finds a solution be it a petition or lawsuit I am onboard.

  12. I thought it was only me. Exact Same thing happened to my business. I just noticed. 2/3 Of my reviews are gone. They still calling me to advertise. You won’t win Yelp. I am considering closing my Yelp account. I have great reviews on Google, Facebook. #shameonyoyyelp

      1. The problem is, you can’t close a yelp account. You can choose to delete any photos or information, but if someone goes to your business an posts yelp will still post it attached to your business. Instead of closing my account, (since I couldn’t ) I simply posted all my positive reviews in the photo. They also would not let me reply to any fake reviews unless I added a photo. I tried my logo, a side profile picture etc and they would not accept it. I finally uploaded a photo of the owner of Yelp and what do you know they approved it! Haha It has been comical for me. F- Yelp no one uses them anyway unless it is to bash someone. Their “algorithms” as a complete scam.

      2. Yelp is the most corrupted Company in the United States. Their corrupted employees keep calling me and bullying me into buying their advertising package and I refused because they are gabage .
        there were several excellent Reviews for my compay S&Z Autos LLC, they deleted them and they kept some bad Reviews . Why would they delete the good ones and keep the bad ones?. because i did not and never will buy their waste of money and garbage package. I am planning to sue Yelp.

  13. Yelp called me and wanted me to advertise with them. When I declined they immediately deleted my 3 good reviews and kept the one bad one. From what I read how do they get away with doing this?

  14. Same story here. Was paying for their advertising with great reviews but when we hit a recession I could not longer afford the 3o0/month. Started receiving threatening sales calls and when I finally said there was no way I could afford it instantly a phony review showed up on my front page (still there after many many years) and every positive review I have gotten since then has been “filtered out” as not legitimate. How is this not extortion? I find it unreal something like this that seriously hurts small businesses that cant afford them can go on with such a big company here in America. Its truly illegal yet nothing is done. I know its hurt my business but like the rest of you I cant afford some high powered attorney to fix it for me either. What are the options we do have if we dont have huge funds to fight it?

    1. I would recommend that you refer this to the FBI as a possible violation of the federal Hobbs Act extortion statute, Title 18 US Code Section 1951. I have seen so many of these complaints over the years to warrant an FBI investigation of Yelp’s practices which strongly suggest a long continuing pattern of extortionate practices, which may also invoke the application of the federal RICO statute, 18 USC 1961, 1962.

  15. Does anyone know if there are any current class action suits against yelp for this issue? Would anyone like to start one? The problem is, they always win because it’s not technically extortion and they win under the guise that it is “a lawsuit designed to suppress socially beneficial speech”. What they’re doing is immoral and makes their “neutral” statements a complete lie, is there no way to separate free speech from this lawsuit??? We all have proof of this unfair and immoral behavior – maybe we can call it something else??? This is about the “algorithm” that they loovvvee to hide behind, it needs to end! If only we could prove that the “algorithm” is written to discriminate against those who will not pay…

  16. I have had stellar reviews that are ALWAYS buried in “not recommended” and one from 2013 that is a good review which makes it look like I may be out of business, and recently received 2 bad reviews that are allowed to be #1

    1. Yelp called me and wanted me to advertise my mowing business with them. When I declined they immediately removed my 3 good reviews and left the one bad one.

      1. We all need to get our social media directors of each of our companies, who know how to create pages that will list High when the words Yelp are listed. And we all need to have them create those pages in such a way that the word Yelp is is used as as many times as possible and tell our stories over and over again. Would that many True Stories the public will finally catch on that Yelp is crooked a bully and I’m lousy place to get reviews

      2. Yelp is the most corrupted Company in the United States. Their corrupted employees keep calling me and bullying me into buying their advertising package and I refused because they are gabage .
        there were several excellent Reviews for my compay S&Z Autos LLC, they deleted them and they kept some bad Reviews . Why would they delete the good ones and keep the bad ones?. because i did not and never will buy their waste of money and garbage package. I am planning to sue Yelp.

  17. I never before this time placed any Question on Yelp, but recently I may or may not have asked one or 2 Questions although I don’t remember….AND, I received 2 emails from Yelp WITHOUT quoting my Question(s) so I could recognize and answer their accusation, saying they’ve removed my Question reciting some vague, unexplainable reasons! AND of course I can’t answer to their NO REPLY emails! I THINK THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW AGAINST WEBSITES WHO “THROW THE STONE AND HIDE THE HAND”!!!


    1. After refusing to advertise with yelp they reduced all of my 5 star reviews to a one star. How unfair, these were all honest reviews from clients.

      1. The same happened to me. Now the brain dead zombies are calling thinking I’m dumb enough to business with them. Our business is doing great regardless of their fake reviews though. My advice to you, don’t read your online reviews. Most people don’t read them, and your real customers know the real deal.

      1. Thank you for the info. I imagined that much from a co. that takes such irresponsible actions! AND….no direct communication between us and Yelp. That alone is a no no to do any business at all with them. Happy New Year! 🙂

    2. My name is MONTE ferrelll., retired veteran and am the owner of AAA blind cleaning & repair.
      I’m also a victim of yelp scam asking me for $300/month so they would retain my good reviews n delete the bad ones.
      I’m just a small businessman trying to live decently and i can’t afford to pay them

      1. Oh Yelp is an atrocious cancer in the internet. They should be blocked themselves for the benefit if the whole internet world!!!
        Of course, Monte ferrel, you wouldn’t pay them to do such repugnant fraud even if you could afford it would you? 🙂

      2. Yelp is the most corrupted Company in the United States. Their corrupted employees keep calling me and bullying me into buying their advertising package and I refused because they are garbage.
        there were several excellent Reviews for my company S&Z Autos LLC, they deleted them and they kept some bad Reviews . Why would they delete the good ones and keep the bad ones?. because i did not and never will buy their waste of money and garbage package. I am planning to sue Yelp.

    3. I totally agree with you!! Google search
      “Questionable content yelp” if u need to answer to a “no reply” email from yelp. I called the advertising department and the woman i spoke to gave me this information so I was able to further reach out to yelp regarding an email reply i could NOT reply to if that makes sense.
      Yelp makes it very difficult to contact them. When you flag a review, Very ply with an email and a case number then a few days later get back to you with their standard denial form letter. I offer to send them proof sethi review was damaging in untrue but they did not even acknowledge what I said.

      1. Yelp is the most corrupted Company in the United States. Their corrupted employees keep calling me and bullying me into buying their advertising package and I refused because they are garbage.
        there were several excellent Reviews for my company S&Z Autos LLC, they deleted them and they kept some bad Reviews . Why would they delete the good ones and keep the bad ones?. because i did not and never will buy their waste of money and garbage package. I am planning to sue Yelp.

    4. I totally agree with you!! Google search
      “Questionable content yelp” if u need to answer to a “no reply” email from yelp. I called the advertising department because that was the only phone number i could find, and the woman i spoke to gave me this information so I was able to further reach out to yelp regarding an email reply i could NOT reply to if that makes sense.
      Yelp makes it very difficult to contact them. When you flag a review, they reply with an email and a case number, then a few days later, get back to you with their standard denial form letter. I offered to send them proof to back up my complaint against the review but they did not acknowledge what I said so i’m reaching out further.

  18. Please Read this, Yelp is absolutely a scam

    Good afternoon Andrew, as I requested last week, I do not want to continue with Yelp, because I feel indignant.

    As I mentioned, I am an Engineer and I have installed several applications that track the people who enter my WEB page, I can find their IP, the type and brand of their devices, the operating system and the browser that they used.

    I can see the resolution of their monitors and every movement they made on my page, even where they passed the mouse and where they clicked or where they were most time.

    I can also know their Physical address sometimes with an error of less than one mile.

    There are tracking tools that even give us the approximate age and sex of the user.

    None of my tracking tools match the date and time that Yelp statistics show me.

    I feel cheated by Yelp.

    For that reason, I asked you to cancel the Yelp paid advertisement service, as it is absolutely useless for me, compared to other services that give me total control and do not force me into a contract.

    I try Yelp due your insistence on trying Yelp, I was going to experiment and later I decided if deactivate it.

    According to Yelp, only 6 users entered my WEB page from your paid add application, 2 were in useless areas for me, one in the country of the Philippines and the other in California.

    And about the other 4 Yelp gives me vague information, this is an absurd and an abuse and I do not feel comfortable.

    This is an official letter demanding in writing that you take me out of this service.

    Thank you


    Gustavo A. Pena A.

    1. I was told I would get 4/5 calls a week for services and it would only be $400 a month well it’s been 3 months and did not get one call so I am not paying them. now they want me to pay $700 to leave. so you are not the only one who got ripped by yelp !!’

      1. Just had the exact same thing – almost $500/month when I told them we would not even have the site fully ready for business, they still charged saying I got 9 click thru’s, for $500?? Then when I went to cancel for false and misleading solicitation, they “waived ” the cancellation fee but still had to charge 1/2 month – I just issued a chargeback for all of their charges and I am waiting for the investigation. I am planning on filing with the Nevada Attorney General and BBB as well as having my attorney send a letter to them – a class action would be such a good idea –

  19. Reading these stories is a mirror of my problems with Yelp. I had a 1-star review from someone I had never heard of, never did business with. I “claimed” my page and then asked my very satisfied clients to post positive reviews. Yelp put my 5-star reviews on some list that no one will ever see. I have been inundated with Yelp salespeople trying to sell me advertising. I was told the “algorithm” set aside my positive reviews. as far as I am concerned, Yelp is a gigantic scam. I complained to them that the bad review is bogus. They do not care. After “going off” on a “manager”, Yelp activated 1 of my 5-star reviews. The others should have also been shown. We have a BBB Accredited A-Plus rated company without a single complaint. Something needs to be done.

    1. is a real bogus company.
      “It appears that Yelp is spending tons of money to get seen and they put a lot into their “look”, but they only give out BAD reviews according to companies who do not pay to advertise with them. Yelp seems to hide the good reviews with the excuse that they are filtered.” – Donald J. Leske Sr. / Business owner @

      1. Yelp took down 15 of 5stars reviews on my business. It will cost around $400 per month to sign up with yelp . How is this legal?

    2. Yelp is the most corrupted Company in the United States. Their corrupted employees keep calling me and bullying me into buying their advertising package and I refused because they are garbage.
      there were several excellent Reviews for my company S&Z Autos LLC, they deleted them and they kept some bad Reviews . Why would they delete the good ones and keep the bad ones?. because i did not and never will buy their waste of money and garbage package. I am planning to sue Yelp.

  20. I own a 21 year old travel company and never opened a Yelp account. Last year I had 2 negative reviews published on Yelp and both of them were not true. Yelp encouraged me to claim the account and then have my clients publish positive reviews and they tried to sell me advertising. I refused the advertising, but I did claim the account and encouraged my clients to review recent trips. Yelp has listed all the positive reviews under un-recommended reviews where people visiting the site don’t look. I have tried to have Yelp remove the negative reviews because they violate their “terms of service”, but they won’t remove them. I finally got 2 positive reviews published from clients, but after I called again to see about removing the negative reviews again……they moved the 2 positive reviews to the un-recommended page after the conversation. I know this is not a coincidence…..these 2 reviews had already passed their screening program and they were moved right after this conversation. This company is horrible! I have lost thousands of dollars in booking revenue due to Yelp. Please let me know how I can help any effort to get them punished!

    1. I too have reviews in the not currently recommended section of their site…. 28 in total with (2)@ 1 star (1)@2 stars (3)@ 4 stars AND 22 reviews at 5 star…total of 28 not recommended……in 2012 I started paid ads with yelp…..I was paying nearly $1,000.00 per month and only had 2 reviews in the non recommended section with a total of 22 reviews in their site combined ….I stop ads in December 2014 with sill only 2 in the non recommended section…with in 3 months I had received more than 20 calls from yelp advertisers trying to get me singed up again….after I as them to stop calling me…..(14) Five Star Reviews Moved To The Non Recommended list!…I have been under attack’my a competing company and has written 4 nasty reviews and 22 on our Google page….that’s a hole different issue….GOOGLE *(&@^%@)^% if you know what I mean……I have been working with Google and they finally removed most of the competitors reviews…..But Not here at yelp……They wont talk with me anymore…..on the top of the yelp site for business owners….you can see the a red ribbon on the top and it is written Support and a phone number next to it…..what a joke…. the phone number is there only for advertising……the Support next to it is miss leading…YELP has no SUPPORT Even when you are an advertiser…

      I wish to get a Collaborated Law Suite Started

      …..Anyone can contact me with help info or….. for starting a law suite. Gold Coast Cab is my business name. and we work in Ventura CA….Cab 4 You and Camarillo Taxi Service are our company names
      ….you can contact me that way. Jim

      1. The 9th Federal Circuit Court, San Francisco, Sept 2016,
        has already made a ruling on Yelp’s false reviews, libel and phony
        one star ratings used to extort advertising money from
        They ruled on the side of Yelp’s powerful group of attorneys,
        and corporate corruption, that false libelous speech,
        and Rico Act violations (extortion)
        were within the law, and protected speech, (according to the Federal 9th Circuit).
        Read the case –
        However, you could file the same lawsuit in one of the
        other 12 Federal Circuits, get a different result.
        The Federal 9th Circuit is the Western United States,
        California, WA, OR, etc….

    2. I have same experience
      After calling few times they deleted all the positive reviews and now I sm stucked with 2 very bad reviews.
      I sold my business already so I marked business closed and yelp open the business again with out my consent.

    3. That is exactly what happened to me.
      Yelp removed all the positive reviews including posted before I called them.
      My attorney who is an expert in intellectual property told me it is impossible to deal with Yelp. So I gave up.

    4. Exactly the same practices were applied to my account. I am a professional photographer in business for 20 years. I have 175 plus Amazing reviews on “Wedding Wire”-website for Wedding vendors and clients truly love us. We always deliver exceptional service. However, Since Yelp is in place my 4.8 star review status across Social Media dropped to 2.8 on Yelp. Untrue reviews are highlighted and the real positive reviews form clients I actually assisted were pushed into “Not Recommended “. in addition I Recently became a victim of a well orchestrated Online Bulling Attack by one person who is a sister of my client but – not really a client and that person organized a full scale vicious Cyber attack on me personally and my business. They posted over 30 false reviews on Yelp , and they were all ridiculous, calling me horrible names, promising that they will destroy my business and more horrible things… I called yelp SaleS rep(Since Yelp does not have a customer service phone number or Customer Service department- simply because they DO NOT WISH TO HELP YOU, IN CASE YOU ARE BEING BULLIED TO DEATH.. I was/ and still am heart broken, my business- that I have worked so hard for for 20 years got destroyed. Simply by a bunch of low life bullies and what does Yelp do – to prevent cyber bulling? NOTHING!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!
      THEY SIMPLY TOLD ME THAT THEIR SYSTEM IS THE BEST SYSTEM TO FIGURE OUT GOOD REVIEWS FROM BAD ONES AND THAT THEY WILL RESEARCH THE CASE. ITS BEEN TWO WEEEKS AND ALL OF THESE HORRIBLE REVIEWS ARE STILL SHOWING . I LOST A TON OF BUSINESS BUT FOR THEM IT’S NO PROBLEM. I GUESS THEY WISH SOMEONE JUMSPS OFF THE BRIDGE TO PROVE HOW UPSET THEY ARE FROM LOOSING THEIR LIVELIHOOD AND ANY SOURCE OF INCOME. The Yelp CEO and management should be sued to the highest degrees by all owners of small businesses that loose their income because of this stupid way that mean people are allowed to post false statements. It should and hopefully soon will be a law to require a proof that whomever leaves a bad review is an ACTUAL CLIENT!!!!!

      1. Just screenshot and post your positive reviews. I did and getting a great response from doing it, I went as far as posting the owner’s photo as mine, since none of my real photos got recognized from yelp to even respond to fake reviews.

    5. I wish I was as certain as you. I can’t prove it but I believe that Yelp is actively pushing a negative review in retribution against me going off on their sales people for lying to me and ripping me off. One of my clients said they left a positive review and it still has not shown up 24 hours later. Anyways, I wish there was some way to shut them down and get them permanently offline! They are most definitely a shady company earning a living by passive damaging good reputations on the word of petty and angry vindictive customers!!

      But definitely I can prove that Yelp has ripped me off to the tune of $700.00 And likely cost me more in lost business!!

      1. I just got off the phone with with a Yelp Business account manager asking them to review the phone call when I signed the contract to pay for adds. I was mislead and misinformed by the original sales rep who never replied back to my questions once the sale was closed. I am not business savvy enough and was easily manipulated with misinformation. Coincidentally, one of my original “filtered” good reviews magically appeared once I started paying.

  21. What a scam! Yelp obviously does not care about ethics or building long-term relationships. As long as there are new mom-and-pop businesses starting, Yelp will continue to prey on those that are trying to build their dreams. They are the worst of humanity.

  22. Yelp is the biggest scam out there right now and trust me, these criminals WILL end up indicted and going to Federal Prison. They are blatantly extorting people for money and if you don’t pay them for advertising then you get negative reviews, or the positive reviews stay hidden. Completely illegal and violates Federal Law and is just a new twist on the old 20’s era mobsters “storefront window insurance” scams. “Pay us to insure you front window…..or we will send people here every weekend and smash it”. Yelp is a criminal enterprise, nothing more, and people are obviously onto them as their stock is TANKING and the feds are investigating.

    1. THANK YOU for your comment. I agree they are liars , bullies and extortionists and shoild be held legally accountable.

      1. How Can you get off yelp. I want nothing to do with them , but they refuse to close my account. I ignored them for a year , and they started posting only false one star reviews. Patients ranting on and on , that I had never seen, or not seen since 2006, posting reviews in 2016? Insanity.

  23. I have hundreds of happy customers. I have 1 bad yelp review (fake) that shows on google. So I asked my customers to leave their review and they did just that. I now have 2 positive reviews but they are hidden on yelp.

    When I asked yelp why my positive reviews didn’t show the yelp rep said because the positive reviews were posted within a 2 week period of each other and were posted by people in my town that I must have paid someone to post them for me.
    I have proof they are real customers and I’m sure they will go to court when I subpoena them for the lawsuit.

    Yelp employee insulted and tried to intimidate me when I asked why only negative review shows up on yelp.

    I work hard to provide the best service possible for our community and don’t need a company like yelp trying to hurt my business. My sales are down for 3 years since the customer left a fake review. YELP NEEDS TO PAY FOR THE DAMAGE.

  24. We are a new dessert restaurant opened in Allston, MA recently. We didn’t know the trick Yelp is playing until we saw this. We refused the sales call about advertisement on Yelp last week. After that, our good review kept removing into “not recommended”. Three one star reviews were left in the reviews section. These people have no profile photos and no friends on Yelp. We have tried to contact Yelp before. They asked us to wait for results. We just kept waiting. Now, this totally makes sense. This is totally a bully behavior. I have started to wonder whether I should trust other reviews on Yelp in the future. You know what the funniest thing is. Though our “review” on Yelp shows as one star and a half. Our restaurant is always busy especially at nights and weekends. People are asking why our yelp review is so bad, but the desserts are tasty. We are planning to put a banner outside the restaurant to tell the customers “our yelp reviews are hacked by YELP, please leave reviews on Google or FB”. If anyone has better ideas, please help me to deal with situation.

    1. I think that’s a great Idea. I also added all my hundreds of GOOD reviews into the photo page of Yelp. So far nothing has happened but we are still busy and thriving. Good service can’t compare to YELP”S bull!

      1. I actually created a tip for my favorite new local Poke place, where I suggest people read the “not recommended” (31, three are 4-star, the rest are 5-star,) reviews and photo captions for accurate opinions. Yelp systematically removed all but two to the “not recommended” purgatory section. Initially there were 17 approved reviews and now it’s down to 2, plus a new and “mysteriously approved” one star review that showed up yesterday. My hope is that people see the tip and check further while they are looking at reviews. I also wrote an accurately glowing review for them on Facebook and recommended them to my friends list.

      2. Well I had an employee of Yelp contact me and tell me what a genious I was for what I did and then further try to get my assistant to pay for their services. NOT! I continually get emails and calls and I just ignore them. Sorry, you can’t strong arm me.

    2. I think that sign is a great Idea. I would highly suggest including a hashtag so we can spread this serious bullying reality everywhere across social media platforms.

      1. to clarify I mean including that hashtag on your sign your making. 😉 Forgot to include that

  25. I see there are many of us in same situation being slandered on Yelp! by negative reviews they will not assist at all with removing. When/If you complain, they focus on your page and make sure the negatives are at the top, and suppress all positive reviews. My biz is struggling because of this, and I would love to see Yelp! pay for the damages! They can not possibly be operating within the perimeters of the law!

    1. WTF. again they took down another good review and keeoing the 1 very negative review fro last year!!! Is there anything to be done?? They haven’t tried to sell me advertising yet.

      1. A documentary about Yelp’s fraudulent business practice
        comes out about June 15th 2017

      2. They tried to sell me the advertising. I declined and a few days later I received a 1 star review from someone using a fake name.

    2. Here are some facts that everyone in the United States should be aware of:

      1. Slander and libel, are crimes that are not only illegal, but punishable under the law in civil court. So, Sue Them!

      2. Your burden of proof in such a lawsuit is to demonstrate to the court that they are behind the bad reviews. Have an investigator that specializes in cyber crimes look into the bad reviews. If they can trace the negative posts back to there origin by tracking the posting party’s IP address (you know… those 111.222.333.444 IP numbers are traceable). If you do this, and you can trace it to a yelp computer… you got ’em.

      3. Determine how much money or potential opportunities to sell were interrupted by these peckerwoods. Once you have that magic number in $$$ triple it and file your suit. Also remember to include an extra $10-$12 mil for malicious intent. An additional suit may also be possible using the RICO laws and filing it Federally as a Qui Tam action.

  26. I’m so glad I found this site. I’ve had it with Yelp. I’m a small business in Orange County, CA. I’m a Matchmaker and any moron can just go and say whatever they want, no matter if it’s true or not. I barely have any reviews but they’re taking down positive ones and leaving negative one. Even though they’re false. I keep reporting false reviews, but they never take them down. What can I do? I am about to hire an attorney but can’t afford it. I’d appreciate any feedback. My Yelp name is Match By Julia. Website Loosing my mind here with these bastards.

      1. Im glad that yelp is getting more exposure. It can help by people not trusting the service or app anymore.

    1. yelp contacted me atleast 25 times to start advertising my business with them. I was lied to. Yelp sales team or “ account executives” work off comission. They wont tell you that it will cost you $700 to cancel advertising with them. And at the bottom of the contract that they quickly want you to sign, it explains that they control the spending amount. That each click can reach the necessary ammount to stay competetive with other ads. In my case, over $100 in 4 days. Thanks to the illegal mistake one of their account executives made when she emailed me. Yelp just stopped contacting me, and changed the terms and conditions on me. They just abandoned the so called contract. Yelp is bad for business and NEVER pay them for advertising. Their needs to be a yelp awareness week where business owners change their profile picture to share with everyone that yelp is extorting businesses.

      1. Tell me about it. We just found this out the hard way, Yelp just went into the account and took out $1200.00….The bank can’t do anything until the funds actually post. This company is such a scam.

    2. My tactic has not worked at all. I call Yelp employees and explain how egregious their business practices are. Step by step I show them how Yelp is destroying America and ripping apart families by allowing any shitbag to libelize a small businesses.

      Yelp does not care whether the reviews are true or false. They also display reviews in a manner that is completely inexplicable. They claim that active Yelpers reviews are prioritized. I pointed out that prioritized reviews on my listing were of users with no ther reviews, and their response was that users can be active in other ways. My response was, if that’s the case, then no one has that information other than Yelp, so it may as well be arbitrary.

      Next: I have a service business, and if you discount your service to make a customer happy, Yelp will freeze your account and put up a warning saying you pay customers to remove reviews. I explained to Yelp that there is nothing wrong with discounting a price. A customer that isn’t happy with your service at $500 might be thrilled with it at $200. That’s basic stuff.

      So what can a business owner do? If you don’t discount for the customer, Yelp is okay but the customer isn’t. If you do discount, the customer is happy but Yelp flags you. There is no answer.

      And this is the dilemma they trap you in.

      I have gotten a few employees prett close to tears by letting them know they should feel horribly about themselves. It’s mildly satisfying, but certainly not enough punishment for this malevolent business.

      1. Last week I was contacted by Yelp..You can not understand how much I hate them ! I try to ignore it and I did so for about 3-4 years …It keeps me at 2 stars even I am in business 24 years !all the 5 stars just disappeared ! Last week I was contacted by a employee saying he can help with my rating… I gave him a big F..U ! Today are more 2 more two stars on my rating …Legal MAFIA !

    3. Yelp is a business. It’s about stock prices. That means if it comes to core values or money, they will probably sell their mothers to keep the stock price from falling. Values doesn’t pay the salaries. Pay to play. For the rest of us that can’t afford to hire lawyers, we hope the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If complaints affect the stock price or get congress to investigate, it’s sure bet they will listen.

    4. I also feel like I’m being screwed by yelp, they have 1 very bad review by someone who received a 15 minute chair massage from me at an outdoor market, they are only featuring that. the 4 excellent reviews are put under unrecomended, and these are mostly by clients that have been seeing me long term. Now they said to be able to message the negative reviewer I had to have a business page which seems to have knocked me off of my position on Google

  27. I’m tired of talking about it…. it’s crushing. They have a ton of pull and know it. We had to join their ad scheme because we are brand new and just want our reviews to stay up. We had had some 20 reviews or so when they called and asked to advertise, after declining a couple of times we saw our reviews go down everyday until we had zero. This morning our yelp account had ZERO reviews and 52 taken down. Since then we received two more reviews… they won’t stay long. 52 5star and 2 4star. And of course business is suffering… Check it out for yourself search Pink Onion in San Francisco, their neighbor. Not to mention that we aren’t a corporation, and aren’t funded by anyone but our hard work. Don’t have much nice to say about these guys. We’ve learned that we cannot count on these guys for any source of marketing. On the plus side, we now work with a giant chip on our shoulder. Cheers, and keep on keeping on guys. I’ll be rooting for ya.

    1. Keep it up, good workmanship shine through, no one uses this looser site anymore, and if they do not worth a dime. Try Home advisor, Thumbtack, Google, and Facebook, algorithms have changed and no one gives a hoot about Yelp.

  28. Yelp doesn’t have ALGORITHM the employees are the ones that make the reviews stick or don’t stick each Business is assigned a case manager and that case manager monitors there business and the businesses that declined ADVERTISING. I’m surprised that the reviewer is responsible it should be YELP that is held acanable for the actions of reviewers. The judges that OKed this is RIDICULOUS on the other hand most Judges are old and just STUPID. I watch TV and the way the judges take care of some cases OMG they are just as GUILTY as some of the DEFENDANTS. I was taken to court and my attorney could not be leave that the Judge sided with the Plaintive. YELP ads are not worth what they are charging and I’m surprised business owners are paying this there CRAZY. Yelp case managers are the ones that should acanable for
    the reviews don’t be fooled by YELPS BULL. This a-s hole is another one OWNER OF YELP Jeremy Stoppelman an IDIOT. 65% of the reviews on yelp are false our JUSTICE SYSTEM FAILED US they don’t protect Business no more they PROTECT ASS HOLES like YELP AND AN OWNER Jeremy Stoppelman
    GARBAGE OF THE INTERNET. Our Business community is depleting because of the internet and the GOVERNMENT is letting it happen they don’t know what they are doing.

  29. So I have been dealing with a lot of what every one of you has shared. I won’t go into details at this time, but as a rebuttal I deleted all of my business/professional pictures & only uploaded photos of all my real (almost all 5 star) reviews from other platforms. i.e Home Adviser, Thumbtack and Google. You know ones that don’t have fake algorithms. I left a little caption for each one. 1 bad review and 1 fake review will NOT take my business down, I have worked way too long and way too hard for a skidish company like Yelp to take that from my hard working family. I screenshot everything, so if they dare try to take my own photos down, I will file suit. If they can take public knowledge of my company and post negative defamatory things about it, when it is clearly un-true and they were shown all the evidence, well then I can post publicly to my own page what is also public, and that is real reviews.

  30. found a weak spot in yelp. I can get anyone out of their contract without paying the $700 fee. They lied to me and rushed me into paid advertisement. In about a week I found out that I was screwed. No cooperation from them and the click bill was just raising higher. But I got out. This was 2 days ago. I’m creating a blog on a upcoming site called not active yet ) I will expose the weakness I found in yelp and expect it to also weaken yelp. I know that together ideas will keep on impacting yelp. If we can’t shut them down, than we can effect money making scheme. My new business can be at risk now because I don’t trust yelp. They are known to retaliate. I know the best that can happen one day soon is to not shut down yelp completely if we cant, but to take away their paid ad privileges.

  31. Called yelp because I have 40 current but non-posted 5 star reviews and only one 3 star for two years ago. Guess which one shows up on my yelp profile Page. Worse than that, when I called to try to resolve, employee cut me off three times while I was trying to explain the problem. Incredible rude and shirt with me. Even sarcastic. Then Hung up me! It was very clear to me that his employee has this conversation dozands of times a day. He is obviously taught to be rude. I just wanted them to post some more reviews. No wonder google is killing them.

    Irconically, I pay them for advertising!!! Do think there plan will work long term? Pissing off the business owners who pay them? My guess that, like Angie’s list, they will slowly start to see the light.

  32. Yelp is terrible. The phone number of a restaurant is close to my phone number (difference in the order of two digits). Then people are keep on calling me every day asking me about the restaurant. I call the support of yelp and ask them to add a note there so that people will not call me again. They refused and asked me to call the restaurant to change their phone number. They even hang up on me when I insist to have a clear note there with the website.

  33. I need help. An ex employee at the company I work for continues to post horrible and untruthful things about me. I had his first comment flagged and removed, so he simply created a fake account and made even more false claims. He was initially fired for harassing other employees, including myself. I flagged his most recent post, but who’s to say it won’t happen again? Or that yelp will tell me that I can’t prove that it is him? I am in sales, and this sort of defamation could have a serious impact on my ability to pay my bills and provide for myself and my family. Please help me and advise on what actions to take to stop this sociopath from harming me any further!

  34. Like all of other businesses, yelp removed positive, authentic feedback from my page. Disputed it so many time without success, so what I did, just now. Copy and pasted the freedoms act and the 1000’s of complains on my Yelp profile, my yelp services, my yelp address etc. this way, the public when they view mine, yours, will be aware of what yelp is doing. 5 minutes I posted it, the negative feedback was gone… coincidence??

      1. I feel this is so unjust..I have been a hairdresser licensed in two states with zero complaints! I had an insane woman calling herself a sexual minister passing through my area…I feel she was looking not to pay…so when I would not give her money back she launched a yelp…of course no way to remove…but they filtered off all my great clients 5 star reviews…convenient! When I called they want me to advertise and told me the 5 star reviews were from people who don’t yelp so they were taken down! They need to be sued again…this has hurt my business!

      2. I feel this is bs. Yelp is here because freedom of speech if a business like many is wrong to there employees or customers we should be able to put that information out there. It’s up to the rest of the public to make their own opinion based on the information given along with common sense. Owning a business is hard and you need to remember your always wearing and representing your company. You still need and work for the public.

    1. Yelp is controlling and withholding public record by only allowing some reviews to come through. Yelp is doing this to get business advertise with them. Yelp is violating A Freedom of Information Act! I would love to join and will post this message on my LinkedIn, Facebook & Tweeter to let other business owners join too.

    2. It will help. In the meantime. Attach the freedom act on your yelp profile and write next to your business name: yelp manipulating feedback, yelp removing feedback or yelp punishing business owners for not buying yelp packages!
      See my page: massage healing pathway in Boise! Good luck!

  35. I have been in business 2o years. There are always a few people who are unhappy with how you run your business or a decision that you make. These people can now lash out online and very personally at small businesses.
    I have a woman who never read her contract. Refused to adhere to the policies of the store, and was miserable and unhappy. She became angry with the outcome of a transaction and wrote a personal (using my name) attack on yelp against my business calling me a thief and a liar and a business not to be trusted. She then took me to court using an expensive lawyer to bring me down. I represented myself and WON on every single accusation she made. I called yelp and told them I would send in the court documents to prove that it was a false and slanderous review. They refused. So it has caused my reputation to become questionable, it has embarrassed me personally and I have lost business. I had the option to sue her on a higher level for libel but do not have the resources to do so….especially since she has a company lawyer on call. It is very frustrating and depressing for a small business.
    Another bad review was written by a former employee who accused me of every terrible business practice she could think of. Again…I have no recourse even though the employee admitted to doing it.
    There should be some kind of legal recourse! It is terrible that anyone can open an email…make up a name and post whatever they want at the expense of another persons livelihood and reputation.

    1. I agree, this exact same thing happened to us. Luckily we have hundreds of reviews from other platforms that bury the 2 negative ones. However. Those few really bother me, and some how they seem to come up on the first page of google because of Yelps marketing practices. Yelp must be brought down and small business owners trying to provide for their families and support employee’s families need to be able to grow their business with honesty. I am not saying a few bad reviews will kill a business, but Yelp purposely will not post positive reviews and also hold businesses hostage by not letting them delete their profile. It is SICK

    2. It’s ridiculous. Just because a person is upset doesn’t make them justified. But not with Yelp. With Yelp, if your customer is upset, them the business owner must be at fault.

      Not to mention, people love to lash out when there are no consequences. That’s what Yelp provides people–a forum where they can hit without fear of getting hit back.

      Contrast Yelp with a legitimate forum like the BBB. With them, if you have a complaint, you can resolve it. Not with Yelp. If you resolve a conflict the complaint still shows and their is no requirement to update the negative review to reflect the resolution. Then, if you ask a customer with whom you’ve resolved a conflict to update their Yelp review, Yelp flags your account and says you are attempting to manipulate your listing. They can’t just take your listing down…instead they try to ruin your business by painting you as dishonest…when all you wanted was for the resolution to be reflected.

      Just writing about it makes my blood boil. I have fantasies about meting out justice to their employees and execs.

      1. I totally agree with you Michael. In fact I got so pissed off that I built a webpage: – They want me to take it down, but I won’t do it. I hate the founder of Yelp, their employees are really just run of the mill greedy people who just want a job and they do not care who they hurt.

      2. Is there a way to take down your own Yelp page? They told me the only way I can do that is if I tell them that my business is no longer open. But it makes no sense. I was the one who opened my Yelp page on the first place. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

  36. Yelp is knowingly selling an advertising product in my market and industry that produces little or no return for its advertisers. Their sales rep and account representatives know this particular product is a worthless “bill of goods” so they require a 30 day cancellation notice for another cycle of worthless product and also exact a $700.00 cancellation fee to click a few buttons and turn your paid-advertising account into a standard account. The customer service rep I recently spoke with said she knows from feedback given by other paid Yelp advertisers in my industry and market area that other customers have had the same dismal results, yet will not offer any reasonable approach to help mitigate my losses in the thousands of dollars. Instead they expect $1075 to turn off the product. CONSUMERS BEWARE! This is a text-book example of a great sales pitch selling a worthless bill of goods with a $1,075 to $1,900 cancellation fee when the customer eventually realizes it.

    1. This is EXACTLY what I am dealing with right now! When I signed up, I stated MANY times that I was concerned of the ROI, or lack of and that I would try Yelp but would NOT sign up for a term and I asked multiple times if I could cancel at any time and the sales Rep told me yes, cancel at ANY time – there was NO mention of a termination fee. I received NO traffic so I asked to cancel. They said 3o days notice, I said fine – then they said a $400 USD termination fee and I lost it! I read through the agreement that I was rushed through, and sure enough, they put in a termination fee. I was rushed through the signing of this “agreement” and I guess me being the fool, thought that the hour long conversation regarding no term, no termination fee, etc and the sales rep stating, everything we discussed is in this agreement, I could take at face value and trust the person on the other end. No, you cannot, they lie to make a sale, provide no results and then make you pay even more. I am disgusted.

    2. I found a weak spot in yelp. I can get anyone out of their contract without paying the $700 fee. They lied to me and rushed me into paid advertisement. In about a week I found out that I was screwed. No cooperation from them and the click bill was just raising higher. But I got out. This was 2 days ago. I’m creating a blog on a upcoming site called I will expose the weakness I found in yelp and expect it to also weaken yelp. I know that together ideas will keep on impacting yelp. If we can’t shut them down, than we can effect money making scheme. My new business can be at risk now because I don’t trust yelp. They are known to retaliate.

  37. Another issue with Yelp, unlike Google, allows reviews to mention & attack actual personal names with name calling, see for yourself… Stay away from this company. Joe is a DOG! He laid my baseboards BEFORE my tile guy was done. He couldn’t make it right! He left stains on my carpet and wont come get it out! The carpet up to the slider isnt even connected to the floor! We told him after he screwed up the tile that we did not want him to finish! He was a total prick! He said Fine I Will put a lien on your property! We tried to work with him. Said he wanted a certified bank check for the total balance to put carpet in. Has NEVER been back to finish. This guy and his company is a HACK! Stay AWAY from this company! He is a hot headed loser! I must add that our contract said $6000 I paid $3000 down. He demanded $3100 balance! He said it was for paint! I have the receipt and it was for $56.90. He thinks he is slick! Don’t let him bully you! He is a bully and thinks threats will scare people into paying!

      1. I feel baited by yelp. I created a free page then get a call saying they can make it so no other companoes are on my page if i authorize this pay per click tool where i pay every time a customer clicks. He said just give it a try n im only charged when i get traffic. I got 1 client that minth then a bill for almost $300 which waa ver bad timing being in between jobs. I call them n say hey yall said i could try it n see how i like it and have decided its not worth what im paying. He says some where some how though i dont remember signing anything that there is a $300 cancellation fee adding that my best bet was to keep it for the 6 months and let my audience build. I feel trapped manipulated and utimately robbed. My business went from gross income of $0 to a negative $250 thanks to yelps shady pull in then youre stuck tactics. Im so disturbed. They actually took my rent money as i said was in between jobs..account literally on zero. Dont let them sweet talk you into a $1800 contract. Theres plenty of free advertisement options today

      2. Why don’t you seek out professional groups on Linkedin? That seems like an efficient way to engage many professional groups—- medical, accounting, dental, chambers of commerce, and so on…

  38. Hello everyone! For the past 5 years, over 25 of us, all small business owners that have had problems with Yelp, have worked to create Finalee. As in “Finally, no more Yelp.” We are in the first few days of our launch and would love any support you want to show. We created a digital business card on steroids that solves all the problems of Yelp. No comments, ratings, reviews, ads, or competitors. If I want to share your business with someone, I just post your Finalee Page and they see only the best of your business. We received $250k in investor dollars our first week and just landed our spokesperson, Eric Violette (You might remember him as the lead singer from the wildly popular Free Credit Report Band)! Our campaign is live. You can see examples of Finalee Pages as well as a video that explains how it works. $25 gets your business a page that lasts for the next 100 years! Our slogan is even F. Yelp and we even have a F. Yelp perk you can choose to give Yelp the middle finger along the way. Here is the link:

    1. First of all no one ever *signed on* with yelp. Yelp signed all business owners on without asking them for permission to do so, thus starting a *one-way* universal reviewing trend. Second, no one has to post a real name or photo to post a review. Is this legal? Third, I have both read about, heard about, and experienced personally, yelps pattern of posting negative reviews after not agreeing to advertise with them, removing negative reviews and then receiving a barrage of sales calls. The pattern is TRUE. Why has nothing significant been done legally? They’ve been in court before, but only had to make silly, minor adjustments.

      1. One more thing: technology is released into our culture without obeying the laws. For example, I believe there is a law that you need a persons permission to take their photo. But that law was overlooked the instant smart phones arrived. Same thing here, how can you *involve a business in your business* without asking their permission, or providing legitimate proof of yourself?

    2. Why would consumers go to your page. If it just shows the “best” of a business isnt that just a company’s website?

      1. Frankly the question needs to be why would we support Yelp only to have negative reviews when we all know we put positive reviews on the website as well. The question is why should we continue to allow Yelp to extort us like the mafia?

  39. The Yelp crooks never published any of my reviews. They tried to sell me advertising with the business I had at the time. I refused. Days later I had a whole bunch of 1 star reviews from people I never heard of. Right now I wanted to post a bad review against a T-Mobile location where I had a terrible experience. But no can do. When I Googled that location in, Yelp was the only place shown to give a review, which as I explained is another way of saying I can’t even express my opinion. One of the 5 star reviews this location received was because of a manager who left there long ago. Yelp needs to be put out of business. Perhaps if we all go viral on Facebook that would happen.

    1. I rarely posted reviews on Yelp, confining myself to disappointing or unpleasant experiences. The few reviews I did write were fair and uninflammatry comments supported by facts. I was pleased to discover that they all appeared to be published. Whether I signed in or not, my reviews appeared. By sheer chance, though, on one occasion, I accessed Yelp with a computer I had never used before on Yelp and did not sign in. To my great surprise, all of my reviews seemed to have disappeared! I then accessed Yelp again with my original computer and there they were ! I then tried another computer I had never used before to access Yelp. My reviews weren’t there ! It then dawned on me that I was the only one to whom they were displayed either because I had logged in or because Yelp recognized the cookies they placed on my file. What a fool I was!! I was the only one who could read my reviews!! What a sucker I was! There is a really excellent book written by a highly reputable criminologist who is an advisor to the FBI, Interpol etc, Marc Goodman, entitled “Future Crimes”. In it he notes that 25% of the reviews on Yelp are bogus but that in 2004 a federal appeals court ruled that it was legal for Yelp to manipulate its ratings. I think we all need to recognize that Yelp is not a not-for-profit institution dedicated to educating the public like Consumer Reports or AARP. They are in the business of making money, lots of it! In my opinion they appear to be out to make as much money off of all of us that they can, and that appears to mean doing whatever they need to do to sell as much information as they can about us to advertisers. It is of course in their interest to keep those and future advertisers real happy. Making me believe that my somewhat less than flattering reviews were posted may only be the tip of the iceberg of sordid and inscrutable unfair practices that other such websites have engaged in. But I blame myself for falling victim to this smoke and mirrors variation of the bait and switch scam. Shame on me!

      1. One more thing: technology is released into our culture without obeying the laws. For example, I believe there is a law that you need a persons permission to take their photo. But that law was overlooked the instant smart phones arrived. Same thing here, how can you *involve a business in your business* without asking their permission, or providing legitimate proof of yourself?

  40. I have one of the larger food delivery places in the French Quarter and CBD of New Orleans yet my business does not populate when you do a computer Yelp search for French Quarter Delivery in New Orleans, 24 hour Delivery in New Orleans, or any combination of those. I finally came to the realization that the only way to get listed on this search was to advertise and partner with Yelp’s Eat24. FYI the FTC guideline for advertising is to clearly mark it as an advertisement. I suppose Yelp didn’t get that memo. By the way Yelp has also partnered with major search engines such as Yahoo and Bing and provides Yelp’s Eat24 listings as unadvertised results which consequently falsely influences the legitimacy of the search on Yelp and Bing.

    The Billion Dollar Bully will never end its dirty tricks.

    FYI a computer search does not list any Delivery Restaurants that do not advertise, however in a mobile search Yelp sprinkles a few unadvertised Restaurants in the search.

  41. Levitt v. Yelp Inc. (class action )- Also did not prevail,
    ( 9th Circuit / San Francisco )
    The Federal 9th Circuit has a long history ruling in favor of Yelp.

  42. Yelp has repeatedly denied all good reviews and posted the only bad review I’ve had in 30 years. Then they have been calling me every month for the past year telling me that I need to sign up and become a customer and I refuse and tell them do not call back and yet they keep calling. These people post live from ex-employees or competition but not from real customers I have contracts to prove who is a customer every customer has to sign a state-certified contract yet none of the people who have compiled a bad review have any way of proving that my company work for them they do not have any contracts and they are not on my list of 18733 contracts. Every time you called the office and wants us to pay for their advertising to straighten it up I refused because of their bad business practices they have plenty on BBB the Better Business Bureau I am an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau and all my customers get taken care of I am insured for 3 million dollars for my company yet they keep telling me they only can pose to their quote mathematical algorithm is what chooses the post if that is so how come only the bad reviews on every company is posted so they can make you pay them money. I don’t need them and I am not going to pay them money instead I’m filing charges against them and selling them for bad business practices extortion and whatever else my lawyers can come up with. Thank you .. James @ Handyman Haulers

  43. New FTC document released 28 Sept 2016 – 5,392 complaints against Yelp by business owners nationwide
    for extortion libel defamation false reviews unfair business practice.
    An increase from 2,046 ( April 2014 ).

    1. Yep as posted lies buy them or ex-employee who got tired of not getting his way and he quit I do not know if he is the one that posted the bad reply but they posted such a bad reply first one in 30 years that is affected my business and Yelp will not respond. They are due payment my company they are starting my company by asking me to join them and pay them money I refused to pay looks like the mob iRunner great Corporation and in 24 years I have always taking care of my customers and if someone has a complaint they deal with me and I’ll take care of it then and there is all good companies do period Yelp extort extortion to the point they put fear in companies if you don’t pay them then they put up back complaints I have many a good complaints on Yelp but they refused to advertise them when is our attorney general in the state of Missouri or the government group that is in charge of these people going to do something about them only the BBB AZ provide action against them their so-called mathematical algorithm only puts up the bad reply and keeps all the good replies all from consumers seeing them and then they keep calling the office and wanting us to join their company I refuse to be started for money so my good reviews can be shown bad bad bad taste I am going to hire an attorney or join another lawsuit firm and Sue Yelp for their actions they are dishonest despicable people

      1. Good luck,
        You are welcome to refer to the documents in
        Kimzey v. Yelp Inc. ( see documents at )
        to build your Federal lawsuit.
        Also see the bottom of the page at

    2. Are you aware of any class action suits planned or current in progress, against Yelp?

      I am a small business owner, with my positive reviews being excluded and removed, and they are leaving the one negative review. This all happened after they contacted me for advertising and I said ‘NO’.

      I don’t need them, my business is fine, but still, their business practices are WRONG, UNETHICAL, and need to be stopped.

      Do you have any suggestions?

      1. You are welcome to reference online documents for –
        Kimzey v. Yelp Inc. – and file an extortion libel and unfair business lawsuit in – Federal District Court – located in your own State.
        Kimzey v. Yelp Inc. – Complaint
        Kimzey v. Yep Inc. – Opening Brief
        $500.00 filing fee
        Using electronic case filing – ECF
        and PACER – Public Access to Court Electronic Records
        Purchase Adobe documents maker $120
        Purchase Microsoft Word $120

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