Louis gets fake negative review after declining advertising

Please watch this video: business owner Louis gets fake negative review after declining advertising.. it’s 30 minutes but worth it.

See more Yelp evil here



3 thoughts on “Louis gets fake negative review after declining advertising”

  1. BRAVO Louis!!! We just had for the second time in two years that same experience happen to a small A/C & Heating business owner in Los Angeles. They are a vendor that I use and the owner is not very internet say, but he he great at fixing A/c and heating units. He is hard working, professional, affordable and very honest. I’ve used him on all the rental properties that I manage. It really has bothered me that his reputation is being dragged thru the mud on yelp. Here is their story…

    Yelp has repeatedly called the owner of this small company Quality A/C & Heating 18375 Ventura Blvd. LA, CA 91356, to try to get him to buy advertisement space with them. Since he always passes on doing so, they have repeatedly and purposely not posted good reviews that people have left for his company and also denied removing FALSE reviews that he has reported to them. This has been going on for over two years and it is very frustrating and effecting his good reputation as an A/C & Heating Company. Right now under his yelp page a Jordan J has left a FALSE negative review…he also has put this same exact review on the same day for another A/C company that has the same exact name but located in another state where he lives. Obviously, you can’t be in two different states at the same time having the same exact hands on experience with two different companies with the same name. These companies are not even related, the only thing they have in common is the same name. Since Sept. 2015 Ran the owner has contacted Yelp and Jordan J. the person who posted the review thru the yelp site and Yelp refuses to remove the false review, instead they suggest that he pays for expensive advertising with them and then he would have more control over the reviews on his page. The so called person Jordan J. never responds to the emails requesting him to remove his false review. The owner thinks Jordan J doesn’t real exist and that his reviews are really made up by YELP sales people. I don’t know, but when I’ve reached out to yelp and Jordan J. on the YELP site pointing out the COMPLETE IMPOSSIBILITY that one person can have the same experience with two different A/C companies on the same day in two completely different cities, and yelp responded back saying that “We decided at that time to leave it up after carefully assessing it against our Content Guidelines.” And Jordan J. never responed to my multiple emails. It is outrageous that YELP trys to extort money from small business owners by assisting in ruining there good reputation if the owner of that company refuses to pay YELP for advertising their business. Please check out the reviews I’m describing above. https://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=qAU5P7AIociMifBVc65B8g

    1. Yelp just responded that they are removing the false negative review. Louis, thank you for all your information. Ran the small business owner, is greatly appreciative!

  2. I’ve been trying for 2 days to get my password reset with Yelp ….never received an email after multiple tries, so cannot leave ANY reviews. So then I tried setting up a new account with new email. Never received a confirmation email for that! No way at all to leave positive or negative reviews. What’s up with YELP? Are THEY completely shut down?

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