Yelp protected 49th parallel coffee in vancouver

After seeing and hearing 1000’s of complaints about Yelp supporting those who pay them money and harming those who don’t I thought I would write about how Yelp protected a notorious cafe in Vancouver.

There is a cafe in Vancouver called 49th parallel coffee in vancouver.  This cafe has a very good relationship with Yelp.  So Yelp protects them and deletes many who post an honest negative review of this cafe.  This proves  a clear case of Yelp corruption.

Why would Yelp delete comments when 49th parallel coffee abused and threatened customers who wrote complaints about them?  One good citizen was threatened, harassed and is currently being stalked by one of the managers at that cafe.  However when that good citizen wrote about it on Yelp and warned others, Yelp deleted his account. I repeat. Yelp deleted the victim’s account.

To conclude. After seeing and reading the thousands of problems people have suffered from Yelp I now am a believer and unfortunately another victim of Yelp corruption.

Please try yourself. Try to leave a negative review of this this cafe:

This is some background on this notorious cafe where I got threatened and stalked



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