March 2016 Complaint of the month

For March 2016 we sadly share with you another distressed good-citizen who as suffered because of Yelp.  Please read.

YELP is continually calling/harassing me to advertise with them…and when I ask why our good reviews are being removed and negative reviews are being left on the site they tell me they don’t discriminate and that only those reviews by reviewers who do not review on a regular basis are removed. That is not the case and there is no validity by our most recent negative review as we’re being bullied by that person after stocking us for almost 5 years. Most of our 5 star rated reviews have been taken down by Yelp. Feeling helpless and Frustrated  



2 thoughts on “March 2016 Complaint of the month”

  1. I know exactly how you are feeling. In the last two months we have lost 1 job and two job opportunities due to the negative reviews we have on YELP. When we spoke to a YELP rep she said that the reviews are picked by an algorithm and they can’t control them ~ which we all know is BS because if you advertise with them they somehow magically are able to control the account!!
    We have several positive reviews and they all seem to fall into the “reviews not recommended”. After the actual job we lost we reached out to some of our clients to post a review and each and every one of them got buried.
    I think what YELP is doing is extortion ~ advertise with them and they will remove the negative reviews. If you go on YELP’s own site and look up “YELP Headquarters in San Francisco” you will find countless reviews about them doing the same practice and their own former employees saying that part of their job was to post negative reviews about businesses that don’t advertise with them.
    If and when anyone is ready to take them on I’m all in ~ please feel free to contact me at

    1. Hi Toni, It is important people understand this is your livelihood they are messing around with. I know it is not a big consolation but I have been following their devious practices and listening to these types of stories for years. I created a website that I hope you will help to support. I also created a FB page that I would appreciate it if you would look at as well. The name of my business is “Restaurant Raves”. I am an ordinary citizen just like you. I have over 20 years as an internal accountant helping small business owners such as yourself grow your businesses. I have always wanted my own but with raising a family and having to work full time it just has never happened. Now I am empty nester at 51 and just had a major set back health-wise. I had 3 of my arteries replaced on 9/11 and my sternum. Not something a young entreprener wants to deal with but so be it. This has caused me to put Restaurant Raves aside but I am now starting to concentrate on it once again as I can not work for long in an office due to the stress. I am looking for someone to just pass my site along to a restaurant owner who can benefit from my site. It is and always will be less expensive than Yelp. The plan is to advertise nationally on a regular basis once I get enough subscriptions to support the advertising cost. This shouldn’t take long. Please like my FB page if you do indeed like it. Thank you.

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